2004 White Tour Easy Recumbent Bike
This is a rare, special order, EXTRA SMALL size Tour Easy.  It will fit people with an X-seam of 35" to 38".

This bike is in great condition, completely outfitted and upgraded with all the accessories you would commonly need or want on a new bike.  The bike is ready for touring, commuting or suburban riding.  I ride and enjoy Tour Easy's and like to see them equipped like the "Mercedes" of the bike world that they are.  First off is fenders, nearly everyone will want to protect themselves, and the bike, from wet and dirty roads.  I have put on brand new, nice, polycarbonate fenders from Planet Bike.  These fenders look sharp, are very functional, light and durable.  I haved also upgrade to a Terra Cycle Idler.  This idler is much smoother and quieter then the standard tensioner that comes from the factory.  With this idler the drive train is silky smooth and barely audible.  The Tour Easy's come equipped standard with very good brake and drive train components.  There is a Shimano XT rear derailleur, Shimano 105 front derailleur with a Shimano 8 speed rear cassette and a Easy Racers custom 24/42/52 tripple crank set with a Shimano LX bottom bracket.  The brakes on this bike are Sram 7.0 V brakes.  

The one exception to the quality components is Easy Racers use of grip shifters which, while they function reasonably well, are not as durable or of the the same quality as the rest of the drive train.  The only commonly available grip shifters, that work with  the rest of the Shimano drive train, are made by Sram, due to Srams patent on the system, and are of mediocre quality.   I belive that a bike of this caliber deserves shifters of higher quality with smooth shifting action.  If you are just particularly fond of grip shifters your only choice is the Sram Rockets, and I could put them back on, but if not, I have installed brand new Shimano Deore LX rapid fire shifters for quick and precise shifting.  These shifters cost twice what the Sram grip shifters cost and with these high quality shifters the action is quick and smooth with just a slight click. 

The rear hub is a upgraded to Shimano Ultegra and the front is a Shimano XT.  I have put a nice bright LED light on the front and the bike will come with a great little Red Blinker in the rear from Trek.  There is a nice Planet Bike Protege 9 bike computer and two water bottle holders on the handle bar.  On the left bar end is a large CatEye mirror.  I have put a rubber foot on the Greenfield stand for secure standing even on soft surfaces.   I have also put a brand new very convenient frame bag which also contains a very useful, brand new, bike multi tool. The bike also comes with the faring as pictured which is in good condition but does have some scratching and a few creases mostly from garage sitting.  The bike is in excellent condition with very little actual road time.  The paint is very nice and overall the bike is very clean. There are a few scuffs on the top bar from being hit with shoes getting on and off and a few small nicks on the angle brace.  I have touched and polished everything up and the bike looks great! 

Easy Racers Tour Easy Recumbents are enjoyable for all types of riding from Touring, Cross Country, Commuting and Suburban riding.  I ride mine mainly in the neighborhood and these bikes will tow a child trailer beautifully.  They are also a very stable bike to use with racks, bags and work better than any other bike I have had with a child carrier.  If you want I can add, to this bike, a rear rack from Blackburn that works great with a "CoPilot" child seat that is made for it.  See the pictures to see what this option looks like.

I am not a dealer but do like to work on these bikes and purchased this one for a family member but they ended up needing a larger size.  This is a premium bike and, if you need this X-Small, size is very hard to find used.  The bike is much better equipped than a stock bike and a new bike with these upgrades would cost over $3300.   This bike is a very nice bike and an exceptional deal.  My price is $1775 and includes shipping to the midwest and eastern US an extra $50 to the west coast.  The bike will be shipped assembled except for the front wheel and seat back via FedEx Ground.