I have been quite enthusiastic about this series of cameras since I first tried the DMC-FX01 back in June. Panasonic announced two replacement models in August the FX07 and the FX50.  I have been using the FX07 myself since it became available and gave a FX01 to my mother-in-law.
by Joseph LaQuiere

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Panasonic DMC-FX50, Shirt Pocket Digicam
I now have the DMC-FX50 which is identical to the FX07 except for the LCD display, which is larger on the FX50.  There is not much more to say about the FX50 that I haven't said in my  review of the FX07.  Both cameras perform essentially identical with picture quality being equal.  The difference between the two is the LCD display and the physical dimensions of the cameras.  The FX50 features a 3.0" display and the FX07 2.5".   Both displays are the same in brightness, color and contrast which are all excellent.  The FX50 is of course larger and does not quite fit as neatly in the palm or your hand.
The only other noticeable difference is on the rear, where the selection buttons are laid out differently to accommodate the larger display.  The Menu button is also different, more like a joy stick.  I initially was concerned that the menu button would be easier to accidentally change or would catch on clothing etc.  In use however, I have not found any problem with this.
The LCD is very nice, it is bright and big.  The FX50 still fits very nicely into a shirt pocket and the size difference is hardly noticeable but the wonderfully large LCD IS and is worth it in my opinion.  In fact I find the larger FX50 a little easier to hold and I am sure it would be more comfortable to those with larger hands. 

This is another winner from Panasonic with a very nice large LCD and will become my new carry with me always shirt pocket camera.

I have put together a slide show of side by side shots from the FX07 and FX50

                                               SAMPLE IMAGES SLIDE SHOW
Side by side comparison of the DMC-FX07 and DMC-FX50
Menu selection button of the DMC-FX50
Panasonic DMC-FX50, 1/125sec, f/2.8 ISO100