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Lake Erie Metro Park
17 Annual Hawk Fest 2006
Hawk Fest at Lake Erie Metro park is nearly here and will be held Sept 16-17. If I make it this year, it will be my third time to the event.  I have enjoyed it every time and it is a great event to bring your family too.  Each year a number of Hawk Fanciers and Falconers bring along birds to show.  There are a number of educational talks interesting to both kids and adults as well as other activities.  A bird count is held out near the water where birders sky watch and take a count of the raptors passing over head.  Hawk Fest began for this activity as Lake Erie Metro park lies at a crossing point for raptors coming from Canada in the fall on their migration route.  Many thousands of birds often passover during this weekend.

It is a year late but I have finally published the sideshow of last years event.  Each year some birds are captured and banded then released unharmed.  In last years slide show you will see some pictures of two birds that are often confused in the wild, the Coopers Hawk and the Sharp Shinned Hawk.  These birds were captured, banded and shown side by side for comparison then released.
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"American Water Lotus"
One of the special attractions, in late July and August, are the blooming of the Water Lotus in two coves of shallow water at Lake Erie Metro Park. 

These beautiful water plants sport a large pale yellow/off white flower.  I am told that these particular Lotus grow no further north than this location in Lake Erie.  It is well worth a trip to see these beds of Lotus that cover over 9 acres of area.

16 Anual Hawk Fest
Lake Erie Metro Park has hosted what is termed "Hawk Fest" for 16 years now. Celebrate the migration of thousands of raptors with guest speakers, live birds, crafts, art, climbing wall for kids and breakfast.

 Hawk lovers and bird watchers have been taking a weekend in september to observe the Hawk migration as Hawks from Canada fly over the park on their way south.

Out near the boat launch observers setup with scopes and binoculars to participate in a count as the birds fly over.

 Near the Nature center tents are set up where you can see live birds and attend several ecucational talks and learn about Hawak identification and more.

Hawk Fest 2005
18 Annual HawkFest 2007
September 15-16

Get ready to this year's Hawk and and birding event at Lake Erie Metro park.  Lots of exhibits, live birds and great educational activities.  Bring your family and enjoy some wonderful up close and personal experiences with raptors of all kinds.  Take a look at my 2005 slide show to see what has happened previous years!