by Joseph LaQuiere

"Declaring the glory of God
through photography of His created world"
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Hello,  welcome to this website, I hope that the photographs displayed on these pages depict the awe inspiring creation and handiwork of God. 

In my photography I have not focused on any particular style but anything that is beautiful, inspiring, interesting or provokes thought.  I find that when viewing photographs it can cause one to ponder, see and admire details, or colors, or shapes that often get overlooked in our normal videographic visual sight.  The amazing qualities of God's creation or what His creatures create is often overwhelming in beauty and complexity.  My photography is a mere static glimpse of the power of God in creation that surrounds us every moment.  The images presented here are not chosen because they fit into a proper artistic form or for correct composition, but if, in my estimation, they allow us to "View" creation in a unique way and show us something, that causes us to look intently, then they are indeed worth viewing hence "CreationView".

I have been interested in photography since I was about 13 when my grandfather gave me an AGFA 35mm camera, with a fixed lens, and all the free black and white film I wanted.  I enjoyed using that camera and developing and printing the film in my grandfathers home darkroom.  Since that time I have always had an interest in photography and owned a 35mm camera.  However because of film developing costs and limitations of time and the flexibility of not having my own home darkroom, I did not do much more than casual shooting during trips, family events,  etc.  But now the digital age has dawned and digital SLRs  have come of age.   After several years of using a number of digicams I purchased my first digital SLR, a Olympus E-10, in 2001.  The E-10, while not a true SLR, handled and felt far more like a film camera than anything I had used before.  The E10 uses a small 4 megapixel sensor with a high quality fixed lens and a light splitting prism, to allow through the lens viewing without using a reflex mirror.  The E10 is quite responsive and has a fast lens, which when used at the lowest ISO of 50 produced very clean images with excellent color.   The camera certainly was not without it's flaws though, one of which was the inability to use interchangeable lenses.  As I advanced and became more enthusiastic about photography and the advantages of digital I began to look into another camera system.  Since I did not have any significant investment in a modern 35mm film system I was free to look the field over and choose any brand that I felt to be the best.  I ultimately went with Canon for a number of reasons which I shall list.

1. Canon had the best overall image sensor with great noise performance
2. Canon currently leads the market with technology, features and performance
3. Canon's Image Stabilized lens system was well established and had more offerings
4.  I preferred the buttons and controls on the Canon

The camera I purchased was the Canon 10d and I have been very happy that I chose this camera and brand.  Since that initial purchase I have acquired a number of lenses and was upgraded again when my Father gave me, for my birthday in 2004, the Canon 1D MKII.  I have enjoyed this equipment a great deal and you can read more about the tools and techniques on my Photographic Gear page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you find interest in the photos.

Joseph LaQuiere
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